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Control units

for the indoor irrigation carts type I, type II and type III

Function of our controller

Standard equipment with “slow” engine 1.5 – 8.0 m/min.

  • Stepless speed control
  • Manual activation
  • Time-delayed start for the water supply
  • Shut down after one and two trips
  • Adjusting the speed of the drives for multiple systems up to 60 %
  • Integrated solenoid valve shut-off after one or two trips (solenoid valve can also be switched while driving)
  • The indoor irrigation cart is switched off or switched over by magnets that are attached to the rail. A third magnet for driving distance limitation is included in delivery
  • Solenoid valve and pressure reducer

Standard equipment with frequency motor 1.5 – 23.0 m/min.

like “slower” engine however:

  • Adjustable water lead time during forward and reverse travel as well as during changeover
  • Adjusting the speed of the drives for multiple systems up to 95 %
  • On request speeds up to 30.0 m/min.

Additional equipment for extra charge

  • Pre-equipment for activation by computer
  • Digital timer
  • Multiple trip system by switch (up to 16 trips selectable)
  • Multiple trip system alternatively by infrared switch
  • Pre-equipment for pump control

Desires are considered as always

In principle, there are two options for sector deactivation:

  • Automatic – control unit mounted at the head of the greenhouse: cross bed shutdown via magnetic or infrared sensor or integration into a computer network
  • Manual – control unit mounted on the indoor irrigation cart: They accompany the irrigation cart on its way through the greenhouse and open or close as needed by pressing a button on the irrigation cart control unit


The aluminum pouring bar

Standard equipment up to 13 m greenhouse width (On request also special dimensions!)

  • Basically, the aluminum pouring bar consists of a square tube 60 x 3 mm
  • Low dead weight and shapely design characterize this pouring bar
  • The irrigation cart is completed in our factory with: height adjustment (lockable every 10 cm), irrigation systems, feeders (each irrigation pipe is adjustable from the middle, separated for the left and right side)
  • Through this modular system, a dimensionally accurate construction can be made for each object
  • Equipped with flat fan nozzle pipe (from 0.63 – 16 l/min.) depending on culture and application

Additional equipment for extra charge

  • Spray nozzle pipe (round jet nozzles)
  • Edge irrigation pipe (edges can be poured separately)
  • Each edge nozzle is equipped with a swivel joint (for different edge widths) and a ball valve
  • Spout pipe (single row irrigation) – spouts distance by arrangement
  • Liquid fertilizer nozzles pipe (flat spray nozzle with horizontal spray pattern for uniform cross-distribution)
  • Plant protection pipe (stainless steel or plastic) equipped with flat fan nozzles, size depending on the intended use. Only available for frequency motor
  • Overhead irrigation for hanging tables or hanging baskets
  • Table flooding
  • Wishes will be considered after agreement
  • On request, each individual flat fan nozzle can be equipped with a ball valve (shut-off valve). (Concerns the flat jet nozzle pipe in the standard equipment)


The C-rail system

All our C-rails are characterized by at least 3 mm wall thickness. There are two alternatives:

  • CV-Schiene für alle Anwendungszwecke, serienmäßig für Typ II und Typ III, Abmaße 70 x 40 mm, gelochtes System, komplett verzinkt, 3,5 mm Wandstärke. Lieferbar in 6 m, 8 m, 8,4 m, 9 m und 9,3 m Längen.
  • Einsparung von Verbindungsteilen
  • Vorteile dieser verschiedenen Längen: C-Schienenverbinder sind unmittelbar vor oder hinter dem Gewächshausbinder montiert. Somit ist ein Durchbiegen an den Verbindungsstellen aufgehoben. Nachträgliche Schweißarbeiten oder Verstärkungen an den C-Schienenverbindern sind nicht mehr notwendig.