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Indoor irrigation cart type II

System with PE pipe 40mm

Additional equipment:

  • Dosatron device
  • Mixer

The control can only be mounted on the irrigation cart. As an alternative, we offer a wired remote control that can be permanently installed at any point in the greenhouse. The wired remote control is connected to the main control by a cable.

To save installation costs, the rail system can mounted in own contribution (worthwhile for multiple installations)
Water and electricity connection in the middle of the house. For water connection at the head end of the greenhouse, the PE pipe can also be returned at extra cost (wishes are taken into account by agreement)

Water connection: 1¼” – 1½” (by arrangement)
Power connection: socket 230 volts (placement on request)


Distances up to approx. 220 m can be realized

Loss of headroom: 19 cm

  • No water hose -> no hanging hose packages and low shadowing
  • The support roller is guided in the second C-rail
  • Optimal use of the irrigation area by driving the irrigation cart on one side to the end of the house and on the other side up to 80 cm (for all house lengths up to 240 m constant)
  • Suitable for all types of greenhouses and plastic greenhouses
  • Mounting brackets of the C-rails made of robust galvanized rectangular pipes
  • No sagging of the PE pipe between the support points
  • Smooth and uniform irrigation
  • This system is offered only with frequency technology and standstill monitor