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Indoor irrigation cart type III

System with energy chain
  • Suitable for all types of greenhouses and plastic greenhouses (a loss of headroom of 39 cm is to be considered)
  • Also available with fertilizer mixer
  • Water and electricity connection in the middle of the house. For water connection at the head end of the greenhous, the 1″ hose can be returned in the guide channel of the energy chain, against extra charge (wishes are taken into account by agreement)
  • Water connection: 1″ – 1¼” (by arrangement)
  • Power connection: socket 230 volts (placement on request)

To ensure a smooth running of the irrigation beam, a support roll is included as standard. This support roll is attached to a guide tube, in the longitudinal direction, among the greenhouse truss beams or girders.

Distances up to approx. 150 m can be realized

Loss of headroom: 48 cm

  • With the indoor irrigation cart type III a two-sided driving up to the end of the greenhouse is possible (constant for all greenhouse lengths). This ensures optimal utilization of the irrigation area
  • Hose and cable routing in a robust energy chain parallel to the C-rail
  • The C-rail of the drive and the guide channel of the energy chain are fastened with robust, hot-dip galvanized mounting brackets in the greenhouse
  • Control can be mounted either on the irrigation cart or in the greenhouse. Available against additional charge also with radio remote control
  • This system is offered only with frequency technology and standstill monitor