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Indoor irrigation cart type I

System with hose package

Alternatively, we can offer two rails side by side (1 x for the irrigation cart, 1 x for the hose package).

To ensure a smooth running of the irrigation beam, a support roll is included as standard. This support roll is attached to a guide tube, in the longitudinal direction, among the greenhouse truss beams or girders.

Suitable for all types of greenhouse, glass or foil.

The indoor irrigation cart type I can be completely self-assembled.

Distances up to approx. 110 m can be realized

Loss of headroom: 6 – 10 cm

45 years ago, Rathmakers started the production of indoor irrigation carts (HGW) with this system. The system has been characterized for years as a low-cost irrigation system. Using a C-rail, water and electricity are routed to the drive with a hose package (consisting of: 1″ hose, flexible 12- or 18-wire cable, as well as special cable trolleys.) In this system, the water and electricity connections are made at the beginning of the building.
Water connection: 1″ – 1¼” (by arrangement)
Power connection: socket 230 Volt (placement on request)
The control unit is installed as standard at the entrance to the building, but can also be attached to the indoor irrigation cart on request.