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Drive systems

Drives for indoor irrigation carts

The drive is used for all three indoor irrigation carts of our program. Maintenance-free 400 V frequency motors are used, which transmit their force to the rail using a specially coated toothed belt.



400 volt frequency technology

1.5 – 25.0 m/min. or 1.0 – 20.0 m/min. (as standard with type I, type II and type III)

The power of this connection (motor, toothed belt, C-rail) is unmatched and has proved its worth for decades, but has been further developed. Long distances up to 240m can be reached easily.

Older drive systems equipped with the 24 volt engine from Rathmakers can be retrofitted to this toothed belt drive.

The emergency shutdown system (standstill monitor) for the drive has also proven itself to be very successful. This emergency stop reacts to the drive’s standstill within 10 – 15 seconds and thus prevents great damage. In short: water and electricity supply are interrupted.

The drive consists of a modular system, of which all parts are galvanized and self-manufactured. Ball bearings, springs as well as other moving parts are maintenance-friendly and so suitable for use in damp rooms (greenhouses).

The 400 volt frequency motor can be adapted to your wishes. Thus, it is also possible to achieve higher speeds than 25.0 m/min. In conjunction with the largely programmable PLC control, this unit leaves little to be desired.