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Outdoor irrigation cart

with stable triangular grid construction

For more than 60 years, Rathmakers has been the leading and largest outdoor irrigation cart manufacturer in Germany and beyond. This outdoor irrigation cart (FGW) is nowadays used in almost all fields of horticulture as well as in tree nurseries, perennials and vegetable seedlings. Quality, stability, life expectancy, service and delivery punctuality speak for themselves. Let us convince you!

Outdoor irrigation cart V2

We have improved our proven outdoor irrigation cart and the result is version 2 (V2).

Important improvements are:

  • Larger and therefore more stable triangular lattice construction with fitting holes, which is also suitable for the use of roller conveyors or conveyor belts
  • Liquids are no longer routed through the construction but through PE pipes. This minimizes frost damage and corrosion to the structure
Outdoor irrigation cart V2 with energy chain system

Information about the drive chassis, which is also used in the transport irrigation cart (T-FGW).

  • All-wheel drive, hot-dip galvanized steel chassis, standard with horizontally mounted two-stage motor Speed: 1.5 and 3.0 m/min.
  • On request with stepless variable speed geared motor (also available in vertical design to avoid lost space in certain situations) Speed: 1.5 to 32.0 m/min., infinitely adjustable
  • Alternatively with frequency-controlled motor
  • Switching off and switching over via magnetic switches, which are controlled via a push rod with magnets
  • The angular gears are equipped with 30 mm solid shafts and are mounted in a sturdy cast steel housing. Load per chassis max. 3 tons
  • The drive cardan shaft consists of galvanized torsion stable 1″ pipe of large wall thickness. Life of the cardan drive 25 years
  • Steel drive rollers in various designs for high drive power (only for 1″ rail pipe). Special designs as possible
  • Three different passage heights are offered. Standard 0.70 m, 1.20 m and 1.50 m (measured from soil to lower edge construction). On request also higher
  • In the case of transport irrigation cart, a standard passage height of 0.60m. On request also higher
  • Second main hose as option in high water consumption
  • This drive chassis is suitable for fields up to 360 m in length, in conjunction with a continuously variable speed geared motor, which is also required for the application of pesticides

Boom construction

  • Flutter-free irrigation is ensured by a hot-dip galvanized triangle lattice construction with flanges (available in 6 m, 4 m, 3 m and 2 m lengths)
  • Specially made for your field size
  • The water supply pipe is integrated in the lattice construction. The diameter of the water supply pipe is 1¼” over the entire width (high water passage and low pressure drop)
  • Also available with water supply pipe made of plastic with 40 mm diameter
  • The second construction pipe consists of a 1 “pipe (can be used as round jet or edge irrigation pipe)
  • Nozzles and water supply pipe in the triangle lattice construction can be divided in the middle if required (separate middle section)
  • For pest control we offer a separate spray pipe (with flat jet nozzles). Only in conjunction with variable speed geared motor
  • Up to 40 m construction width, only one support wheel is required
  • Constructions up to 50 m, two support wheels are required

Standard widths: 13.20 m / 21.20 m / 25.20 m / 29.20 m / 33.20 m / on request in all widths up to 51.0 m
We also offer solutions for fields that do not have a right-angle cut. If the narrow sides have different lengths, our special jet nozzles ensure that the additional surfaces on the long sides are adequately irrigated (max throw distance 5 m)

Transport irrigation cart

The transport irrigation cart differs from the outdoor irrigation cart in only two points:

  1. It uses a trapezoidal construction, which has a 50 cm wide support surface (for roller conveyors and conveyor belts). The maximum wide is 35 m
  2. The transport irrigation cart is always delivered with two support wheels

On both types of irrigation carts, the support wheels can run on fabric, soil or concrete.


The functions of the control (standard)

  • Pole switch for variable speed motor and two-stage motor
  • Combination switch for solenoid valve opening and for starting the outdoor irrigation cart
  • Switch for manual operation of the solenoid valve
  • 4-position switch
    Position 1: one trip from A to B and back to A
    Position 2: two trips from A to B and back to A
    Position 3: continuous run
    Position 4: reserved for a wired remote control which is only used for the transport irrigation cart
  • Wired Remote control (with flexible cable) only for transport irrigation cart
  • Emergency stop switch
  • 7-pole socket for disconnecting the main cable from the chassis
  • Upon delivery and installation, the controller is already fully assembled

Special functions (special equipment)

  • Time switch clock
  • Bed shutoff (sector irrigation) by spring bar switch over the entire width of the irrigation cart
  • Bed shutoff (sector irrigation) by spring bar switch with separate middle section for right and left irrigation cart side
  • Pulse shut-off for large pot distances by infrared sensor
  • Combination socket 230V as well as 380/400V for the operation of further devices e.g. agitator or conveyor belt at the transport irrigation cart

The rails (1″ pipe with large wall thickness)

Various rails are manufactured in our company

  • Rail with ground plate, welded at a distance of 1 m or 2 m. This is suitable for installation on soil, for outdoor irrigation carts up to 30 m wide (not for transport irrigation carts)
  • Rail with pins, welded at a distance of 1 m or 2 m. This is suitable for installation on concrete paths or U-concrete plate (Giesswagenplatte) with leteral rail guidance (available for the entire irrigation cart range)
  • Rail with U-clamps, welded at a distance of 1 m or 2 m. This is suitable for installation on curb and sidewalk slabs (depending on the ground conditions for both types of irrigation carts used. Suitable for transport irrigation carts up to a maximum width of 30 m, special designs are possible)
  • Rail with metal plates (20 x 25 cm), welded at a distance of 1 m or 2 m. This is suitable for laying on fabric or foil. (For outdoor irrigation carts up to 40 m wide and transport irrigation carts up to a maximum width of 30 m, but only if the ground is fixed in the contact area of the rail)
  • All rails are 100 % hot-dip galvanized (life expectancy 25 – 30 years)
  • Cost-effective is a non-galvanized rail (life expectancy 8 – 12 years)

Scope of delivery:

  • Special main cable in all lengths
  • Main hose and main cable are always connected to the field spit (black box), which is located halfway the total length of the field
  • The field spit (black box) in the middle of the field serves to connect the solenoid valve (1½” brass solenoid valve incl. plug) and the power supply of the irrigation cart
  • Other wishes are gladly considered
  • Trapezoidal construction available in different heights (0.5 – 1.10 m)
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